Array : etc…
Finishes : N, GG, B, CK, XN, XC, XG
Gear Ratio : 1 : 28
Weight : 61.8 g/pc
e.g. : GB640-4-N-L
GB640-6-GG etc…
Reverse Gearing


*At the bottom of the page is a unit converter.

Super lightweight bass machine heads.
Bass guitars have weighty machine heads and by their very nature have always suffered from “neck-dive”. With the advent of 5 and 6 string basses, this tendency became still more acute, making long sessions uncomfortable for the musician. The RES-O-LITE series was developed to solve this problem. By chiefly using the special alloy “duralumin”, excellent weight savings are achieved. By use of the Rock-Solid mechanism the GB350 transmits string movement more powerfully, whilst retaining tuning and giving a smooth winding experience.

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Handling Precautions

When equipping the existing musical instrument with GOTOH products, processing of addition to the musical instrument side may be necessity. If attachment impossible without processing is carried out, there is a possibility of leading to breakage of a musical instrument. Please check size etc. well before purchase. Moreover, We recommend that clearing work is requested from specialists, such as a repair shop. Also, for handling, please refer to the instruction manual or video instruction manual of our website and work with great care. In addition, about breakage of the musical instrument when replacing, an accident, etc., it shall be considered as self-responsibility, and our company shall not take any responsibility.