June 2024
  1. Q. I would like to know which model of Gotoh could be the best parts for my instrument made by XXX(brand maker) in XXXX(production year), without adding any scraping.

    A. We are sorry that we do not have information about details of assembly parts and specifications that instrument makers designed. Gotoh has dedicated production and sales of OEM guitar parts ordered from brand-name clients.
    **OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturing. We receive OEM parts order just as a part of their assembly parts, not compliant for their specification of each model. Please ask the brand-name maker of your instrument. They may have the specifications of your instrument with serial numbers.

  2. Q. I would like to confirm if my parts installed to my instrument named (brand-name, model) is Gotoh-made.

    A. We have no reply to this kind of question.
    Even if some guitar maker indicates the use of Gotoh parts, we cannot confirm which model is installed to. Each guitar maker has their own specifications depending on the manufacturing year, differences of factories and so on, even though they install Gotoh OEM parts.

  3. Q. Please tell me about color code.

    A. The meanings of the color codes are as follows.

    N (Nickel),  C (Chrome),  CW (Chrome White),  GG (Gold),  B (Black Chrome),  CK (Cosmo Black),  XN(X-Nickel),  XC (X-Chrome),  XG (X-Gold),   SB (Solid Brass),  SG (Semi Gold),  HC (Honed Chrome),  HG (Honed Gold),  HCK (Honed Cosmo Black),  MTG (Mat Gold).

  4. Q. Is it possible to improve the sound of my instrument by replacing Gotoh parts ?

    A. We have no accurate answer to this question. Possibly sound could be altered by replacing into Gotoh parts.
    But we advise you that the sound quality of stringed instruments can be changed by the charactalistics of wood materials and the technique of assembling. To improve the sound of play and playability, Gotoh has used a technology to accurancy enahaucement of shaping and assembling parts, in order to lead the string vibration on a body and neck without fail. Making sound is one of the strong point of playing instruments, that is sometimes evaluated as simply a “good ” or ” bad” sound, but we belive that it has to be a question of “likes or dislikes”.

  5. Q. Can I get CAD data or routing templates?

    A. Unfortunately, we cannot provide these data. Please refer to the dimensions on each product page.

  6. Q. Does HAP(HAPM) system control the string tenstion of my guitar ?

    A. We usucally use the popular word : string tension, but to be exact it means “String Pressure”, that helps alter the pressure of a string to a nut.

  7. Q. Can I buy Gotoh parts directly from Gotoh company ?

    A. Basically Gotoh does not sell our parts directly to personal users.
    Please kindly ask or contact with retailers or web-shops that sells our parts.

  8. Q. I would like to know any dealer and shop that sells Gotoh parts in my country.

    A. We can inform you any dealer and shop that we directly have business with. But basically most of dealers and shops that sells Gotoh parts have business through Japanese trading companies. Please kindly ask our business parters that you can see on our website.

  9. Q. Is it possible to repair my Gotoh parts ?

    A. It depends on the model types and the conditions of your parts. Please show a damaged part by sending the parts itself or the picture. We will reply to your inquiry by return. For repair of damaged parts, please contact with shops or instrument makers you purchased the parts. In addition, please understand that we basically use the latest assembly parts for your repairing. We modify some parts and inspections for the better improvement at random times.

  10. Q. Should I add a small drop of oil to open gear pegs periodically ?

    A. The main parts of pegs are consisted of gear and worm and easier to cause friction and abrasion. We recommend you to do maintenance regularly. No pleblem to use normal lubricating oil. But please do not use too much lubricating oil to the parts. It possibly facilitates the adherence of dustand dirt that causes deteriorating the quality of performance and painting of instrument.

  11. Q. Is it possible for me to replace Gotoh parts by myself ?

    A. It is possible, but we do not guarantee for the safety of replacment. We do recommend you to entrust replacement of parts to a repairman or craftsman.
    The replacement of pegs or the parts is not easy and possibly can cause the damage of breaking a screw, not enlarging a peg hole to accommodate the new replacement bushing and a screw.

  12. Q. Can you accept my custom-made or one-off made order for me ?

    A. Only about conclusions, we would accept your custom-made or one-off made order.
    But to make your original parts, we have to ask you to pay an additional large charges : design fee, tools fee, processing and fixtures cost, in addition to trail production fee, and so on. These charges will make your original parts much expensive.