Q. I would like to know which model of Gotoh could be the best parts for my instrument made by XXX(brand maker) in XXXX(production year), without adding any scraping.
Q. I would like to confirm if my parts installed to my instrument named (brand-name, model) is Gotoh-made.
Q. Please tell me about color code.
Q. Is it possible to improve the sound of my instrument by replacing Gotoh parts ?
Q. Does HAP(HAPM) system control the string tenstion of my guitar ?
Q. Can I buy Gotoh parts directly from Gotoh company ?
Q. I would like to know any dealer and shop that sells Gotoh parts in my country.
Q. Is it possible to repair my Gotoh parts ?
Q. Should I add a small drop of oil to open gear pegs periodically ?
Q. Is it possible for me to replace Gotoh parts by myself ?
Q. Can you accept my custom-made or one-off made order for me ?