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Wilkinson by GOTOH

About Color Code

N (Nickel), C (Chrome), CW (Chrome White), GG (Gold), B (Black Chrome), CK (Cosmo Black), XN(X-Nickel), XC (X-Chrome), XG (X-Gold), XSV (X-Silver), SB (Solid Brass), SG (Semi Gold), HC (Honed Chrome), HG (Honed Gold), HCK (Honed Cosmo Black), MTG (Mat Gold).

*The colors used for each series and product are limited.


The ultimate finish, repels all water and dirt and gives inimitable look.

Lubri Plate

The enhanced feeling and micro precision of Lubri-Plate

Lubri Coat

Lubri-Coat creating the machine head of the future.

Rock Solid

The ultimate post stays solid, even during arming or bending play.

Magnum Lock

Magnum Lock uses string tension for its locking mechanism.


Thumbscrew-style locking tuner. It is simple and easy.


Height Adjustable Post. You can get an ideal string vibration.


A revolutionary tuning machine combines the functions of H. A. P. and MG.

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