Ukulele Peg Super lightweight "RES-O-LITE"?
Head Type :
Finishes : N, GG
Gear Ratio : 1 : 14
Weight : 11.0g/pc  *Bush are included (Button M5).
e.g. : UK12-GG-B5
UK12-N-05MA etc...

Super lightweight peg manufactured in “RES-O-LITE”?

Gotoh commitment to improve all their products has lead to this major advance in the manufacture and design of Ukulele tuner pegs. Many models have benefited from Gotohs’ “RES-O-LITE” material resulting in a much better balanced instrument due to less weight on the headstock. A new 1:14 gear ratio and tighter controls on production has resulted in a tuner with zero back lash and super smooth tuning.