Material : Carbon fiber (Base plate)
Finishes : XCK, XG
String Post : Aluminum & Carbon tube shaft
Gear Ratio : 1 : 16
Weight : 55.2g/pc (One side)  *Screws are included (Button M).
e.g. : KG01-CA-XG-M-
KG01-CA-XCK-BM etc...

KO-GA is a traditional Japanese term meaning outstanding elegance.
We are please to introduce the first of the “Premium line KO-GA”, the KG01-CA.

We carefully reviewed the structure of traditional classical tuners and designed a new bearing structure which achieves greater concentricity and enhances durability. The KG01-CA also takes advantage of a unique carbon material pattern to become a new concept, a neo-classical tuner. KO-GA is the beginning of a new era of outstanding guitar hardware, unconstrained by the limits of convention.