404BO-4, 404BO-5 
Finishes : C, GG, B, CK, XN, XC, XG
Multi-Tonal Seires 
Hard Zinc plate.
Brass saddle

With the ability to choose the combination of base plate and saddle freely, the 303/404/ J510 bass bridge series meets the exacting needs of bass players and custom builders. The base plate of the 303 model employs a special duralumin alloy for the plate, which we call “RES-O-LITE”.
Thanks to the acoustic features peculiar to RES-O-LITE, string oscillations can be quickly transmitted to the body. The base plate of 404/J510 model using hard zinc with reputed for its tonal quality, produces a more sonorous tone. Combine with a choice of either a steel (SJ), or brass (BO) saddle for each series and you can build an original bridge with a unique sound.

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